According to Forbes magazine, 46% of all new hires leave their posts within 18 months. The vast majority of these appointment failures are because the candidates lack the soft skills to perform rather than the job-specific skills. If you thought that this was an American phenomenon, the Telegraph suggests that 25% of UK graduates leave their first job within 12 months. Clearly this “churn” is a huge waste of time, energy and money for employers, so rather than “Sink or Swim”, what about some swimming lessons, in the form of coaching?


The ILM suggests that coaching usually pays for itself several times over. Coaching can improve:

  • Communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence for better interactions with colleagues
  • Networking marketing and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Management skills, to motivate team members and manage change.
  • Leadership qualities, strategic thinking, creativity and decision-making.
  • Confidence and deeper self awareness

I’m a coach and psychotherapist, focusing on career transitions and new appointments, and I have seen the damage that poor performance can cause to a business and its people. I’m happy to discuss the benefits of coaching if you know or employ someone who is not performing at their best.