Hypnotherapy is a way of re-training the brain whilst it is in a trance state.  It’s an extremely effective way of changing troubling behaviours and feelings, such as anxiety, stress, low confidence and fear of public speaking.  Trance is a state of focused attention in which the outside world may be ignored. It could be called a trance state, or merely a daydream. The state has many similarities with the REM sleep state.

We go in and out of trance, or daydream, throughout the day. We can be in a trance when listening to music, watching a film, driving a motor car or when we are deeply in thought. If you think about daydreams, we are acutely focused, and the mind cuts out the things not within the daydream.

The hypnotherapist can help by using the trance state, that focused state of awareness, to achieve specific goals. When we have a specific goal in mind and when we apply ourselves to reaching that goal in a state of focused awareness, all the abilities of our conscious mind, and more importantly, the resources of the subconscious mind are activated in the pursuit of that goal.

If you have changes that you want to make, then consider how hypnotherapy can help you to achieve the things that have eluded you in the past, to break through barriers and achieve goals

Hypnotherapy is widely used by sports stars and high achievers in business to help them to drop negative thoughts and to achieve high levels of performance.  It’s very attractive to those who want to focus on the outcome that they want rather than to spend too much time exploring reasons behind their blocks.

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