I’m delighted to announce that my latest book, Raised by a Narcissist, is available on Amazon UK.  It’s a book for those who have or had narcissistic parents, with all the challenges that means.  It’s full of information, personal stories, coping strategies and recovery guidance, and lots of readers are already finding it really helpful.

It is also something of a personal journey for me, because my mother, who died early in 2019, was a narcissist, and so there are many personal as well as professional insights in the book.  My main goal is to shorten the learning curve for the reader.  When I was a child, and through my early adult years, I didn’t know a narcissist from a lamp-post, but knowledge is power and I’m sharing my experience, learning and research in this book, as well as my successes and failures.

It’s in paperback or Kindle format, and those who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited can read it free.  I recorded the audible version a couple of week ago and it should be available on Amazon before the end of the year.

Get the book on Amazon here