What if every choice created a new world?

Iain Banks, who died recently, wrote a novel called Transition, based in a universe where our world appears an infinite number of times, with every choice by every person making a new, parallel world where everything is slightly different because of the choice.

If you are a Banks fan, then like me you will delight in his mix of the familiar and the outright weird, and be prepared to be unprepared for the surprising outcomes.

Great stories were passing on human experience, wisdom and imagination before literacy entered human history.

Science fact, not science fiction

This is not such a strange idea. Modern physics tells us that we live in a universe of uncertainty and infinite possibility, where possibilities become events only when we focus on them.

Other theories suggest that there are indeed an infinite number of parallel universes that spring into existence every time you, or I or the man next door makes a choice.

The old world of classical mechanics, where the universe ticked along like a gigantic clockwork toy, has now been recognised as nothing more than a convenient way of seeing the visible world, holding no real truth.

Don’t dream the life, live the dream!

What this means for us is that our every choice creates our personal experience.

Do nothing or do something, it’s a choice.

Do what works, or do what doesn’t work, or stay safe, they are all choices.

What my clients tell me is that you can’t always tell what will work or won’t work, but if we don’t keep making choices that lead towards what we want, we can waste years.

It appears likely that time isn’t all it appears to be, but at present, as far as we know, we are likely to get about 80 or 90 years of active life if we take good care of our bodies.

Stay in a job you hate for ten years instead of two, seems like 8 years wasted to me. Spend 20 years with someone you don’t love because you are afraid of being alone is a waste of those years.

Dream of a great life and die wondering if you could have lived it is a tragedy.

Don’t dream and despair, dream and do it!

Watch this blog for ways to handle change instead of it handling you!